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Indian People want Saniya Mirza with Faimly Left India:AIHRA

Posted on 05 April 2010 by admin

April 05, 2010, New Delhi.

In the latest googly to Shoaib Malik, an FIR has been lodged against the cricketer by the Siddiqui family in Hyderabad. Now Shoaib may not be able to leave the city with his new bride, until the police says so.

The father of his alleged former wife Ayesha Siddiqui, filed a police complaint against him on Sunday, charging him with attempting to buy the Siddiqui family’s silence, apart from cheating and dowry harassment.

The Pakistani cricketer may now not be allowed to leave India until the matter is settled.

“In his complaint, Ayesha’s father has said that Shoaib offered them one million dollars to end the controversy. Shoaib has also been accused of cheating, dowry harassment, and criminal intimidation,” said the city police Commissioner.

Earlier, Shoaib had claimed that his relationship with Ayesha is a case of mistaken identity. He said he never met the woman he thought Ayesha was. He also denied the validity of any nikahanama, claiming it was he who was cheated. This even as the alleged first wife went on air seeking justice.

“I want justice. Shoaib has been lying since beginning. I have lot of evidences other than nikahanama to prove that I was married to him. Shoiab’s met me lot of times. He changes his statement on his marital status everyday. How can one trust him,” asks Ayesha.

The latest twist in the Shoaib saga will be a spoilsport in the run-up to the Shoaib-Sania wedding planned for April 15 here even as Shoaib maintains Sania will be his first wife.

But with the Siddiqui family not backing down, Shoaib and Sania continue to be controversy’s favourite children for now.

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